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5 minutes with… HAAi!


Hello HAAi! How are you?

I’m good, I’m good, I’m in Berlin at the moment.

So, first question… Describe your sound in three words…

Psychedelic, percussive, melon twisting but that’s four words isn’t it…

You started off in psych-rock, when did you first become interested in electronic music, was there a catalyst?

It was actually when i came to Berlin two years ago after my band split up, I went to Berghain for the first time and that was when it all changed. It was the first time I’d heard dance music properly. In the main room is was Ben Klock, weirdly I went back the other night for the first time since then.  Sola was playing in Panorama Bar, that was great. But yeah, that was when the electronic music penny dropped for me.

And when you were in Berghain, what about it made you realise that DJ’ing was something you wanted to do?

Music sounds different in that place, like it’s so special. I’d never heard techno sound like that, it sounded so much more interesting than I ever thought it was, then after that I got the bug! It was also down to timing also, because it was after my band had split up, I think I was sonically more open minded.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

I definitely have people who I look up to DJ wise, Andrew Weatherall is the number 1 for me in terms of mind-expanding DJ’s.  He’s amazing, the sets of his I’ve seen have really blown my mind and I’ve been totally sober. He’s one of those DJ’s who really pushes it and keeps it so interesting in his sets.

You’ve done B2B sets with Daniel Avery, The Black Madonna and Midland to name a couple, if you could go B2B with ANYONE (dead or alive) who would it be?

Not really, I am always up for a B2B with anyone. Having played with those three was amazing, that’s probably the three people I’d have wanted to play with. I did a bunch of B2B’s last year that came about sponteaneously.

I think that’s nice when it’s spontaneous..

Yeah, I did one with Anthony Parasole really really spontaneously, we ended up playing for 3 hours together in Sheffield. I think it’s more about that than having one particular person you really think about going B2B with all the time.

What was the first record you ever bought?

The first record ever or the first dance record I bought?- The first record I bought when I moved to London was a Kenyan compilation, or actually it might have been The Funkees actually, they’re like a Kenyan 70’s funk band. I actually still really love that record.

So are you based in Berlin?

No no, I’m based in London, I’ve been there for 6-8 years now. I’ve just come to Berlin for a dance and a good time.  

Do you have any new EP’s/tracks upcoming?

I have a couple that are being mixed at the moment, that will probably come out within the next three months that will come out on vinyl on Coconut Beats. I just had one that came out in December, just a single track called Feels. I didn’t put out much last year, I think only about 4 tunes, but this year there will be a lot more.  There will be an EP in summer.

So you started Coconut Beats because you wanted to release on your own ground, do you have any plans to release on other labels or are you going to keep it on Coconut Beats?

I kind of like keeping it in house for now, it’s nice taking a little bit of control. It’s nice for me have another element to my parties, you have much more control. Having total ownership of something is a really nice thing to do, I certainly wouldn’t rule out releasing other people’s music on the label down the track. But as for my stuff, just Coconut beats.. I think!

It’s 4am, the club is flagging a little bit… What’s your track to bring the dancefloor back to life?

It depends on what club it is really… It really varies, sometimes it might be a big, sunny ‘Strings of Life’ kinda track. Other times it might be a big, heavy techno track. Sometimes you can tell if people want to throw their hands in the air or if they want to get deeper in the groove. But I’d say, there is a Danny Krivit edit of ‘Strings of Life’ which has been a biggie for Phonox.  It’s quite an obvious classic, but if it works, it works!

What was your favourite moment of 2017?

Playing with The Black Madonna at Sunfall festival, that was so good. Just because it’s her and I love her and she’s great. It was also the biggest crowd I’ve played to but the least nervous. That definitely would have been my favourite moment.

We look forward to seeing you at AMP Lost & Found!

Yeah I’m really looking forward to it, I want to get out there a bit earlier and just soak the festival up. I’ll be out there for as long possible. I’ll see you in a few months!

What they say

“AMP Lost & Found is impossible to define: a true fusion of musical styles which attracts an attractively diverse crowd, who all play their part in making the weekend such an exciting experience.”

The Independent

“The variety of artists and DJs performing is what makes AMP Lost & Found stand out from an arguably crowded schedule of festivals.”

Clash Magazine

“Without a doubt the best weekend of dance music and togetherness I’ve had in forever. AMP Lost & Found take a bow, incredible event with the most wonderful people. Thank you all so much”

Denis Sulta

“AMP Lost & Found is gonna take some beating, it was absolutely ridiculous! One of the best crowds we’ve had the honour of playing to. Thank you.”


“MALTA! I lovessss ya. You were the best crowd.”


“One of the best festival experiences we’ve ever had.”

I.D. Magazine

“AMP Lost & Found gets better every year.. Big up my mate Annie Mac for having me!”


“A diverse but unerringly joyful rave up held on an ancient strip of Maltese coastline. Annie Mac‘s Lost & Found Festival is always a vibe.”

Red Bull Music

“AMP Lost & Found makes a huge change from your standard British festival. No wellies, no rain, no tents,  just the gorgeous Mediterranean sun.”

Glamour Magazine

“Fair play – AMP Lost & Found is a really f*cking good festival. Site is mint, ravers are mint and the music is mint. MINT!”

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