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Moments in Grime


Grime has been a pivotal scene in the UK, spanning over 15 years, giving young MCs and producers the opportunity to express themselves to the masses without the need for mainstream radio and record labels. Wiley’s ‘Eskibeat’ release in the early 2000s is arguably the first ever grime tune with its raw bass and rolling beat! The sound was then pushed towards the mainstream when Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Boy in the Corner’ won the Mercury Prize in 2003 to critical acclaim. Grime was at the centre of the pirate radio era, with places like Rinse FM being the place to jump on the mic! 2006 was a big moment for the scene with the creation of SB.TV by Jamal Edwards (only 16 at the time), a YouTube channel that allowed unknown artists to express themselves about their situation, away from the restrictions from mainstream media, which brought the music to a wider audience, giving people the opportunity to grow the genre organically. Fast-forward to now and grime has rose in popularity and is more relevant than ever…even our cousins across the Atlantic are trying to jump on the ‘jetski’ wave.

There was a time not too long ago where grime was deep in the underground, with it now hitting new heights, becoming an internationally recognised genre. Below are some the best moments from the grime artists that will be joining us this Spring…


Being listed by The Guardian as one of the “best new acts to catch at festivals” in 2016, AJ Tracey has gone from strength to strength, leading the way for a new generation of grime artists. First gaining attention through appearances on pirate radio stations and releasing unique material, AJ Tracey has continuously improved, and now sports numerous anthems under his belt that will be making their way to Malta!


Bugzy Malone continues to put “manny on the map”, producing hard-hitting and reflective music is something Bugzy does best, and having come from hardship growing up, he has been able to channel his experiences into expressive lyrics, that have established him as one of the most popular figures in the grime movement.



With her mother playing music around the house, and with an early passion for poetry, Brum-town based Lady Leshurr developed a love for lyrical writing that has transcended into her winning a MOBO Award in 2016 for ‘Best Female Act’. Her breakthrough to fame came after her ‘Queen’s Speech’ series of freestyles which became viral in days, and now she has been shutting down shows across the country and internationally!


Keep your eyes peeled for Fredo and Yxng Bane this May who will equally be bringing their signature styles to the shores of Malta. A prominent rising star in the scene, Fredo recently made it to Number 1 in the UK charts with his feature in ‘Funky Friday’ with Dave. With his first release ‘They Ain’t 100’ in 2016, and his Fire In the Booth in 2017, Fredo has established himself as one to watch in the grime scene.

As for Yxng Bane, his critically acclaimed HBK drew ears from across the country and beyond. Naturally specializing in dancehall-infused R&B, his recent link-up with Fredo proves his ability to mix it up, fusing genres across the board.


Youngsters Octavian, a 96’er, has been making his mark on the UK scene, blending the lines of UK rap music, with own unique style. His music resonates with a wide audience, demonstrating the flexibility within his music.

What they say

“AMP Lost & Found is impossible to define: a true fusion of musical styles which attracts an attractively diverse crowd, who all play their part in making the weekend such an exciting experience.”

The Independent

“The variety of artists and DJs performing is what makes AMP Lost & Found stand out from an arguably crowded schedule of festivals.”

Clash Magazine

“Without a doubt the best weekend of dance music and togetherness I’ve had in forever. AMP Lost & Found take a bow, incredible event with the most wonderful people. Thank you all so much”

Denis Sulta

“AMP Lost & Found is gonna take some beating, it was absolutely ridiculous! One of the best crowds we’ve had the honour of playing to. Thank you.”


“MALTA! I lovessss ya. You were the best crowd.”


“One of the best festival experiences we’ve ever had.”

I.D. Magazine

“AMP Lost & Found gets better every year.. Big up my mate Annie Mac for having me!”


“A diverse but unerringly joyful rave up held on an ancient strip of Maltese coastline. Annie Mac‘s Lost & Found Festival is always a vibe.”

Red Bull Music

“AMP Lost & Found makes a huge change from your standard British festival. No wellies, no rain, no tents,  just the gorgeous Mediterranean sun.”

Glamour Magazine
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